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Top Cumtree Ads for March

| April 2017 Newsletter | March 30, 2017

business man writing over achievement bar chart

In case you missed them, here are the top ads for the main categories:   Woman seeking Man – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/22yo-white-girl-looking-to-explore/   Female Services – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/sweet-fresh-horny-student/   Girl Seeking Guy – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/naughty-thirties-lady-love-to-hear-from-guys-25-to-40-yr/   Couples seeking Single Male – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/threesome-mfm/   Younger Woman seeks Older Man – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/barbara-2/   Female Massage – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/naughty-jenn-is-back/   Adult Parties – […]

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