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Things Women Think About During Sex

| April 2017 Newsletter | March 31, 2017


Even during an intensely passionate hookup, it’s normal for your mind to occasionally wander. Let us know how many of these random thoughts you can check off: “Huh, well that is not what I expected.” All those myths about being able to decipher penis size by a guy’s feet or hands? All lies. Raise your […]

What Women Really Think About Using Tinder

| February 2017 Newsletter | January 23, 2017


It’s known as the hetero hookup app, but how are women really using Tinder? This week we ask 3 women their thoughts about using this hookup app and what they expect from the guys they meet on it. How old are you? Woman A: Twenty-four. Woman B: Twenty-six. Woman C: Twenty-eight. How long have you […]

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