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18 Surprising sex tips from Men

| February 2017 Newsletter | January 23, 2017


Ladies it may pay to read some of these tips and see exactly what your man is expecting from you! It’s always nice to get some feedback to try and make sure your sex life is as fulfilling as possible! 1. “Be as confident as you can. Being enthralled in your sexiness takes my mind […]

Seducktion Adult Store

| February 2017 Newsletter | January 23, 2017


Another fantastic discount offer from a new-ish online store called Seducktion. They have very kindly offered our subscribers 25% (yes you read that right!) off their order. So head over and see what exciting toys and other adult goodies they have on offer. The discount code to use at checkout is :  ” CUMTREE25%” Here […]

How to read between the lines of her dating profile

| February 2017 Newsletter | January 23, 2017


While a lot of guys are left scratching their heads when it comes to ladies online, that doesn’t need to be the case for you. That’s where our NSA dating guide can really help. Her profile is there to help you. Frankly, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to pick up on her […]

Lola Montez Adult Boutique

| February 2017 Newsletter | January 23, 2017


Lola Montez is one of our very first advertisers! And our subscribers can use the discount code “ct171″ to get 15% off their order at this fantastic online sex store. Here is a bit more info about the site: Approximately 12 years ago, Sharon Gordon introduced a new way of looking at the adult industry. […]

Tips for making your Dating Profile stand out

| February 2017 Newsletter | January 23, 2017

twitter-header-decent (Small)

Standing out? Online? A struggle, we know. It always seems to be even more of one on the best no strings dating sites, where there are a ton of men…and not that many ladies. We can help, though. Ladies are the gender in demand. That’s something that you’re just going to have to realize whenever […]

How Women view the Casual Hookup

| February 2017 Newsletter | January 23, 2017


This may come as a shock to a lot of guys, but girls think about sex. A lot. Heck, we crave it – and when we go lengthy times without it, it drives us nuts. So, if we don’t have anyone special in our lives at the moment, we may be just as psyched as […]

Top Cumtree Ads for January 2017

| February 2017 Newsletter | January 23, 2017

points-connected-line-graph-bar-graph_d3ac4779cbb42b (Small)

With so many new ads appearing on the Cumtree site every day, it’s quite easy to miss one that would be of interest to you! So below you can view the top ads in each major category for the month of January. Here is your chance to respond! I am a Woman seeking a Man […]

What Women Really Think About Using Tinder

| February 2017 Newsletter | January 23, 2017


It’s known as the hetero hookup app, but how are women really using Tinder? This week we ask 3 women their thoughts about using this hookup app and what they expect from the guys they meet on it. How old are you? Woman A: Twenty-four. Woman B: Twenty-six. Woman C: Twenty-eight. How long have you […]

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