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Things Women Think About During Sex

| April 2017 Newsletter | March 31, 2017


Even during an intensely passionate hookup, it’s normal for your mind to occasionally wander. Let us know how many of these random thoughts you can check off: “Huh, well that is not what I expected.” All those myths about being able to decipher penis size by a guy’s feet or hands? All lies. Raise your […]

Top Cumtree Ads for March

| April 2017 Newsletter | March 30, 2017

business man writing over achievement bar chart

In case you missed them, here are the top ads for the main categories:   Woman seeking Man – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/22yo-white-girl-looking-to-explore/   Female Services – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/sweet-fresh-horny-student/   Girl Seeking Guy – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/naughty-thirties-lady-love-to-hear-from-guys-25-to-40-yr/   Couples seeking Single Male – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/threesome-mfm/   Younger Woman seeks Older Man – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/barbara-2/   Female Massage – https://www.cumtree.co.za/ads/naughty-jenn-is-back/   Adult Parties – […]

15 Brutal Pieces of Advice I Got From Men As A Woman On Hinge, OKCupid and Tinder

| April 2017 Newsletter | March 30, 2017


Online dating is gross. Online dating is exciting. Online dating is online dating. So I’m back on Tinder again (don’t know how long that will last), I’ve discovered Hinge (join that one, really, you’ll thank me later), and I’m giving OKCupid one more chance (why the hell not, right?). Despite the differences in all three, […]

AdultFriendFinder Members Reveal What Happens Before A Hookup

| April 2017 Newsletter | March 30, 2017


Ahhh, hookups. Two people who barely know each other, just getting together to have sex. For some, the hookup is a mythical beast that they may go their whole lives without getting a glimpse of; for others, it’s just a regular Friday night. But wherever you fall between those two extremes, it’s fair to say […]

Signs Your Girlfriend is Bisexual

| April 2017 Newsletter | March 30, 2017


Scoring yourself a lady friend who also enjoys women can be an exciting journey — so long as you are both prepared to embark on it. Bisexuality obviously has its perks for some, and all the extra adventures can enhance your sex life. But she doesn’t have to be truly bisexual (in the most proper […]

8 Signs You Are Good in Bed

| April 2017 Newsletter | March 30, 2017


1. You can dance. Now before all of you start coming at me from every corner of Reddit to cut me off at the pass of my misandry, fedoras clutched in your gnarled fingers and neckbeards springing forth from your quivering underchin like a thousand resilient dandelions, hold on. I don’t mean that those who […]

The Gentleman’s Guide to Hookups

| April 2017 Newsletter | March 30, 2017


Sometimes sex is just sex. Not about hearts and flowers but about connecting right there, that minute, with someone with whom you share an attraction. Many of us have been in that scenario, and it can be incredibly fun. Still, there’s always been a certain negativity attached to the booty call and the one night […]

Casual Sex, everyone is doing it!

| April 2017 Newsletter | March 30, 2017


Zhana Vrangalova had hit a problem. On a blustery day in early spring, sitting in a small coffee shop near the campus of New York University, where she is an adjunct professor of psychology, she was unable to load onto her laptop the Web site that we had met to discuss. This was not a […]

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